Calvary Community Church in an English international church, located in Cheonan City is known for a love of God’s Word and celebration of His Grace toward us.  Calvary, a non-denominational church dedicated to the Word and bringing the Bible alive in a way you can understand and enjoy.

Our Vision

  1. To Exalt our Lord Jesus Christ
  2. To Equip His Saints
  3. To Evangelize His Earth

Our worship services on Sunday morning centered around praising our Lord Jesus in song and discovering His love and direction for us through His Word.  Because the Bible is the living and authoritative Word of God, we meet Sunday morning at 11:00am to study it chapter by chapter, verse by verse. We’ve found that this balanced approach to Bible study helps us to grow as God applies His Word in our lives.

One of the best possible ways to experience solid growth in your Christian life is by becoming involved in a Bible study.  These smaller, more intimate groups provide the kind of environment where you can find New Testament “fellowship”, that is, the sharing of our common life in Jesus Christ.